Satori Summer Retreat 13-20 July 2018

This powerful, residential process is fully dedicated to the in-depth search of your innermost being. Using life koans such as “Who is In?”, “What is Love?” and others, these seven days are a single-pointed, passionate search to experience a glimpse of No-Mind, of the Buddha within, of the witnessing consciousness – what in Zen is called Satori.

The structure of this Awareness Intensive is based on traditional Zen meditation combined with modern communication techniques. It is designed to penetrate beyond your habitual masks and pretensions and to focus your total energy into the search for who you really are.

When you are repeatedly asked a modern koan like «Who is In?» and answer moment to  moment, awareness of your identification with the personality starts to develop. Once this is experienced and understood, you shift towards your being, to the center of witnessing. This brings a profound relaxation and the joy of being truly in the present moment.

During this 7-day residential process you will be in silence and isolation.

Dates: arrival 17:00, group straiten at 20:00 on 13 July, ending on 20th at 16:00. Venue: Place near Moscow

11 July  — Introduction of the group, 22 July — integration process. Venue: Moscow.

Price in EUR: May — 300, June — 350, July — 400. Accommodation and food paid separately.

Contacts: Amola, tel. + 7 968 966 8262, + 7 701 124 7704,

Facilitator Prem Shivani  

Shivani (K. Gareiss), born in Germany, studied mathematics and psychology in Munich.  Additional trainings in meditative and body-oriented therapies in the USA and in India. Co-founder and co-leader of a therapy and meditation center in Switzerland. Inspired by the vision of Osho, Shivani offers Awareness Intensive Retreats, workshops, meditations, individual sessions and trainings in different countries for more than 25 years. Founder of the Osho Institute for Centering and Awareness.